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"We create music with our mouths."

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"We  don’t  want  you  seeing  him  anymore ."

The words hit Aubrey as if they were a splash of water to her face. They were kidding, right? Absolutely kidding? Could they not see that she was the happiest that she had ever been in her entire life? That when he had called to talk to her on the phone but an hour ago, her face had lit up like it was the fourth of July?

Maybe that’s what they were afraid of; her being too happy.
Maybe they were afraid that with Jesse in her life, they didn’t have her in control anymore — and maybe they were right, because she had let go a little bit. She had been able to relax with him; to be who she truly wanted to be. With Jesse Swanson, Aubrey Posen was exactly who she thought she was meant to be.

However now, sitting at the table with her parents, she was realizing that the Aubrey Posen that she wanted to be was the Aubrey Posen that never would, or could, be. The blonde looked away from their gaze, knowing that if she continued to look in their direction that she would begin to cry.

Even worse, that they would see her crying.
And that they wouldn’t care that they caused such tears.

It would only prompt them to tell her that he had caused her to grow weak. That she had simply been infatuated with the idea of him, instead of actually being in love with him; but Aubrey knew they were wrong. They were wrong because she loved him deep in her bones. She loved him taller than the sky, and greater than any infinity could ever be.

Aubrey loved Jesse Swanson.
She was in love with him.

But Aubrey knew that it had to end.

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Hi I’m mobile

I’m alive, I’m alive, I am so alive???
40 hour work week was not a good idea. I probably won’t have the time/energy to be in until like Thursday.

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Anna Camp: “Had the best time with my best friend ❤️ @skylarastin #emmys #trueblood #hbo” (http://instagram.com/p/sK5Fo4JcHu/)

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westendwanderers replied to your post: “Home, who wants to send me cast albums :l”:
How did that tragedy happen?

Computer crashed && my cast albums are in storage because I just moved and ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I’m alive, I promise!
I’ve been working a lot and I just

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Home, who wants to send me cast albums :l

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